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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a House Cleaner?

Cleaning your home isn’t just useful for aesthetics and fragrance. A cleaner home reduces stress, lowers the risk of injury, and kicks out the mold. Clean homes make families happier and healthier.

Most people cite a lack of time to justify an untidy home. Professional cleaning services eliminate that common excuse. 

The benefits of house cleaning far outweigh the cost. However, it’s common for people to worry about money. That said, housekeeping costs don’t have to be expensive if you operate on a budget. 

If you want to save money on housekeeping costs, continue reading. We’ve got some great tips for you in this article.

Review Housekeeping Costs in Your Location

Hourly costs vary based on your location. A housecleaning service will cost more in Manhattan or San Francisco compared to a rural area. Compare local prices to get a ballpark number for hourly costs.

While rates vary based on the area, you can find house cleaning services that cost less than $20/hr. If necessary, pay a little higher to attract higher quality maid services. 

A poor job can yield incomplete house cleaning. You would either clean the rest of the house yourself or have to hire another house cleaning service to finish the job.

House Size Influences Housekeeping Costs

A larger home takes more time to clean. Some house cleaners charge by the square foot. 

Many of these house cleaners charge between $0.07 to $0.15 per square foot. Some housekeeping costs may exceed $0.15 per square foot, depending on your search.

You can reduce housekeeping costs by excluding parts of the house. Some families do a good job leaving a few rooms clean. They can clean some of the rooms themselves and leave the rest to maid services.

Before hiring a service, consider how much of your house needs cleaning. A partial cleaning can save you hundreds of dollars each month.

If you have not bought a home yet, consider housekeeping costs. A larger home has more rooms to clean. While some families are up for the challenge, others may opt for a smaller home.

A smaller home means lower housekeeping costs. Buying a smaller home presents numerous benefits that go beyond reduced cleaning costs.

The Frequency of Appointments

Your housekeeping costs will look different with weekly appointments compared to daily appointments. The more time between appointments, the more you save on housekeeping costs.

When scheduling appointments, consider how long your family can keep the house clean. Don’t ask for daily house cleaning if you can reasonably keep the house clean for a week.

Some families save on housekeeping costs by cleaning it themselves every other week. The family and house cleaners each clean the house twice per month. 

Some families set up a structure where spouses take turns or work together. Spouses who take turns only clean the house once per month. Spouses who work together clean the house faster each session.

The Type of House Cleaning

The cleaning you select plays a significant role in housekeeping costs. Choosing a routine clean will save you the most money. A routine cleaning entails mopping the floors, washing the countertops, and other basics.

While routine cleaning makes sense for many families, some will need a deep clean service. This work takes a more nuanced approach to house cleaning and requires extra time. The extra time raises housekeeping costs.

Most families will suffice with routine cleaning. A deep clean is a strong jumpstart towards a clutter-free home. Some families opt for weekly routine cleans, while others opt for monthly deep cleans.

A move-in or move-out clean won’t happen too often. This cleaning service takes the most time. Naturally, it is also the most expensive service.

Since move-in and move-out cleans only happen every few years, it’s best to invest in these services. We will talk about the DIY approach shortly. However, move-in and move-out cleans aren’t as DIY friendly.

The DIY Approach

You can clean your home if you have enough time. You can purchase the necessary supplies and save hundreds of dollars each month. Although the DIY approach saves money, you need to justify the time.

Some people have sufficient time to clean their homes, but they prefer to delegate. These people make more money working than saving money with the DIY approach.

Before embracing the DIY approach, you must determine what your time is worth. Consider what you could do instead of cleaning to reach the best decision.

DIY doesn’t mean cleaning the entire house. You can focus on a single room and tidy up when you spot opportunities. Make your house cleaner rather than completely clean to lower housekeeping costs.

Deciding Between a Service and an Individual

Hiring individual house cleaners will lower your housekeeping costs. Logistics become more challenging with individuals versus a house cleaning service.

Services provide greater structure and come with liability insurance. Service providers cost extra, but they usually offer a higher quality clean. When assessing your budget, consider where you can cut corners and where you need to stand firm.

Make Your Home Feel Brand New

A clean home invites happiness and health into your family’s life. The benefits exceed cosmetics alone. 

You can go the DIY route or hire a house cleaning service. You don’t have to break the bank with housekeeping costs. 

You can hire a cleaning service on a budget. If you are in Virginia or Florida, we can assist with house cleaning services. Contact us today to see how we can help.