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Market Ready Clean



Getting your home ready for the market (and keeping it that way throughout the home selling process) is an exceptionally stressful period of time for most people. We understand the cleanliness of the home must always be in perfect condition. Therefore, we train our staff to approach a market ready clean with the greatest emphasis on attention to detail as possible in each and every room of the home. Our cleaning techs will walk you through the home at the completion of the cleaning to be sure every square inch has been meticulously cleaned and meets your high expectations.

The Market Ready Clean consists of all items listed in the Top-to-Bottom Deluxe Deep Clean as well as any special requests you may have for our cleaning techs. To maintain the highest standards throughout the home selling process, we offer weekly and biweekly maintenance market ready cleans for your convenience. Don’t chance losing a sale because your home is not in tip-top shape. Let Kathleen’s ease your stress and frustration by keeping your home in the perfect condition required to sell your home fast!

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VA (804) 729-7401 | FL (727) 377-5522