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What to Expect with Recurring House Cleaning Services

The average person works over 90,000 hours in a lifetime. If you’re not good at math, that’s over 10 straight years of working.

While this is a normal part of life in modern society, it makes the free time you have incredibly valuable. Do you really want to spend it picking up the house and doing other chores?

Hiring recurring house cleaning services can take tasks like picking up, vacuuming, and cleaning the kitchen off your plate. Then, you can spend your free time relaxing, rejuvenating, playing with your kids, or hanging out with your friends.

Not sure if recurring cleaning services are right for you? We’re here to teach you a little more about the topic and illustrate the benefits of a recurring cleaning service.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about residential cleaners and the services they provide.

What Do Recurring Cleaning Services Include?

First, let’s answer the most obvious question. What are you going to get out of recurring house cleaning services? Ultimately, the answer depends on the type of services you choose.

Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance cleaning is the most popular recurring cleaning service. However, don’t let the “basic” nature of maintenance cleaning fool you. These types of house cleaning services are quite in-depth.

Maintenance cleaning covers every room of your house, including kitchens and bathrooms. In these two high-traffic rooms, all surfaces will be scrubbed and disinfected. We know that these areas are prone to germs and bacteria and work hard to protect your family from illness and disease.

In other common rooms, we’ll take care of:

We even take care of door frames, trim, baseboards, and window sills. Essentially, our maintenance house cleaning services cover everything you would do on your weekends to tidy up your home (and more).

Deep Cleaning

Aside from our maintenance recurring house cleaning services, we also offer top-to-bottom deep cleaning. You won’t need this type of deep clean every time, but it is recommended once every couple of months.

This house cleaning service is designed to hit all the nooks and crannies that are missed with basic cleaning. For example, we take the time to thoroughly clean out your kitchen appliances to remove things like burnt-on grease, grime, and food particles.

Your floors, walls, windows, and other surfaces will receive special treatment to ensure everything is spotless. We’ll vacuum under and behind furniture and make sure all your knick-knacks are free of dust.

How to Choose the Best Residential Cleaners

Now that you know a little more about recurring house cleaning services, let’s talk about how to find the best residential cleaners. You don’t want to hire just anyone to come into your house.

Your home is a sacred place for you and your family. You must be able to trust the people who are coming there to clean. Just as importantly, you need to make sure they’re going to do an adequate job.

Get Recommendations and Look at Online Reviews

Talk to the people you know who work with cleaning services to get a good idea of the top contenders in the areas. Do your friends or family members have any recommendations for you? If not, talk to your neighbors and coworkers to find additional insight.

If you don’t know anyone who can provide recommendations, you’re not out of luck. Go online to find client reviews from other homeowners. Learn more about what other people have to say about the recurring house cleaning services.

Customer reviews will tell you everything you need to know about the quality of their cleaning, their professionalism, their punctuality, and their reliability. We understand the need for exceptional services which is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with our cleaning, we’ll come back and make things right.

Make Sure They Meet Your Scheduling Needs

When looking for recurring house cleaning services, find out if they can accommodate your needs in terms of scheduling. For example, if you would feel more comfortable with the cleaners being at your home while someone is there, is that something they can do? Can they fit you into their schedule at a time when you’re home?

Additionally, can they clean your house as often as you’d like? If you want weekly cleanings, do they have the availability to make it happen?

If a cleaning service has too many other clients, you could be placed on the backburner. They might rush the cleaning or skip your home entirely.

At Kathleen’s Cleaning Service, we believe in making your life easier. We are very flexible and will never commit to any scheduling or jobs we aren’t 100% certain we can follow through on.

Ask About Licensing and Insurance

Of course, when hiring any type of professional to come to your home, you should verify their qualifications. The residential cleaners you hire should be both licensed and insured. They should have a business license through the state.

They also need to carry liability insurance because accidents happen. If something of yours is accidentally broken or damaged, the cleaners should provide compensation.

You can rest assured that a cleaning company operating with professional liability insurance has your best interests at heart. Any damages done to your home or property will be covered by this policy.

Talk About Pricing

Finally, before signing on for recurring house cleaning services, learn more about the cleaner’s prices. We recommend getting a free quote to identify your potential costs.

At Kathleen’s Cleaning Service, we provide each of our potential clients with a customized quote because we know that not all houses require the same amount of work. We wouldn’t charge someone with a two-bedroom house the same amount as someone with a five-bedroom house for maintenance cleaning.

Get a quote for the cleaning services you need and find out if there are any discounts for recurring services vs. one-time cleanings.

Looking for Recurring House Cleaning Services?

Do you need help keeping your home clean? Whether you don’t have the time or lack the desire, we’re here for you.

At Kathleen’s Cleaning Service, our mission is to provide homeowners like you with high-quality cleaning so you can spend your time doing something more enjoyable. Contact us today to request a free quote for recurring house cleaning services. We would love to help you keep your home clean.