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What to Consider When Hiring a Professional Cleaner

There are now over 1,136,600 companies in the janitorial services industry. If you’re searching for a professional cleaner, it helps to have a plan to narrow down your options. Otherwise, you could choose a cleaner who lacks the services or experience you need.

Here are five factors to consider before choosing maid services. With these tips, you can find the best professional cleaning services around.

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1. Reputation

To narrow down your options, begin your search for house cleaners by turning to friends, family members, and neighbors in the area. Determine if you know anyone who has hired professional cleaners in the past year. If they have, ask about their experience working with the cleaning company. 

Have a list of questions you want to ask prepared ahead of time. For example, you might consider asking:

Make sure to ask the homeowner if they encountered problems after hiring the cleaners. You can learn from their experience to determine which companies to avoid. Ask if the company tried to fix the problem, too.

If the cleaning company did try to offer a solution, you’ll know they care about offering the best customer service possible. If they didn’t, remove them from your list.

Gathering recommendations from homeowners you trust can help you gather a list of cleaning companies you can trust.

If you’re struggling to gather referrals, begin searching online instead. Look for professional cleaning companies that service your area. Then, look online for client reviews.

Reading customer reviews can help you find reputable house cleaners. You can feel more confident choosing a business other homeowners have trusted in the past.

If you notice a number of negative reviews, remove that company from your list.

Reading reviews can help you find information that’s likely not available elsewhere. You’ll know which companies to avoid and which can provide high-quality, reliable services. 

2. Experience

Though there are over 1,136,600 companies within the janitorial industry, some businesses have more experience than others. With that in mind, it’s important to find a long-established business before requesting professional cleaning services.

An experienced team has likely learned from their experiences over the years. In that time, they’ve determined the most efficient way to help clients, too.

These teams will likely offer professional services you can count on. 

A new cleaning company, on the other hand, might still need to work out operational issues (including scheduling and billing). The problems they experience as a business could impact your experience as a customer. Instead, determine how long each company has operated in the area.


An established business will likely have the proper credentials in order as well.

First, make sure the company is licensed. If their license isn’t up-to-date, remove them from your list.

Determine if they have proper insurance and working permits to provide cleaning services, too. For example, they might have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance. Make sure both policies are up-to-date.

Their insurance can protect your interests if belongings are damaged or if someone gets hurt while on the job.

A licensed, insured business is qualified to follow legal protocols while working on your home. 

The Staff

Take the time to learn more about who will arrive at your home, too. Make sure you’re hiring a professional cleaner with years of experience and training.

Ask each company if they require staff to complete background checks. Determine if they complete any formal training, too. 

Finding a trained, qualified team will help you feel confident in their abilities before they begin working on your home. You can feel reassured that a properly vetted team will arrive as well.

3. Services

Before requesting professional cleaning services, take a moment to consider your specific needs. Then, determine if the company offers those residential cleaning services. For example, you might want to find a business that offers residential:

Determine what’s included with each service, too. For example, will they clean your windows, molding, and appliances? Ask which services are considered add-ons as well.

Find a company that offers all the cleaning services you need.

Next, determine how often you’ll need cleaning services. Recurring cleaning services will ensure your home is spotless year-round. You can feel confident your home is always ready for unexpected guests, too. 

4. Supplies

More than 50 million people in the US struggle with various types of allergies. For example, you or a family member might be allergic to specific cleaning products. Before hiring professional cleaning services, learn about the supplies they use.

Some companies use green products. However, you might prefer a company that uses stronger products to disinfect your home.

Learning about the equipment they use, too. For example, they might use a HEPA vacuum to remove even the smallest dust particles from your carpets.

Choosing a company that uses professional equipment can help you feel confident in their ability to clean your home thoroughly. 

5. Pricing

Before choosing a cleaning service, gather estimates from more than one company. Ask for an itemized list of all the services they offer. Then, review your options to gauge the average price of similar services.

Ask the company if they also offer a guarantee. What happens if you’re not satisfied after they’re done cleaning? They should return to meet your expectations.

Each company will likely have its own policy. For example, some might offer a free cleaning or touch-up service. 

If you discuss arrangements over the phone, make sure to get it in writing. 

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Don’t rush when hiring a professional cleaner to work on your home. Instead, keep these factors in mind during your search. Prioritizing these tips will help you find the right cleaning company for the job.

With professional cleaning services, you can ensure your home is dust-free and spotless throughout the year.

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