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What is Included in a Deep House Cleaning?

There are about 9,000 types of germs in the average American household! While not all of these germs are bad, some of them can make you sick. You have grimy microscopic roommates!

If the idea of having that many germs in your home stresses you out, it might be time for a deep cleaning session. Why not hire professional cleaning services to take care of it for you?

Read on to learn all about some of the things that your deep cleaning session will include.

Clean Interior Windows and Doors 

When was the last time you cleaned your windows? What about your doors? For most people, these are things that are either cleaned seasonally or not at all. 

During a good deep clean, however, a professional cleaner will make sure that they’re spotless.

They’ll wipe down your doors and remove any dust and grime from the doorframe (yes, even the top where you can’t reach). They’ll do the same for your windows and window frames. Even your door jams and window locks will shine. 

If you have blinds or shutters, a cleaner will make sure to clean those as well. They get dustier than you think when you’re not keeping up with them!

Countertops, Mirrors, and Backsplashes Cleaned and Sanitized

Cleaning your countertops is part of your weekly cleaning routine, right? Why would you need a professional to clean them during a deep cleaning session? 

There are always going to be corners and spots that you miss. Do you clean under everything, or around it? Do you clean the sides of your counters, or do you stop after the surface? 

What about what’s behind your counters? In your bathroom, that’s your mirror. In your kitchen, it’s your backsplash.

A professional cleaner will make sure that your counters and the surrounding areas are spotless and sanitary. Bathrooms and kitchens house bacteria, but they’re also the places that you want to be the cleanest. 

Scrubbing Down the Plumbing Fixtures

Sure, you clean your toilet often, but what about your sinks? What about your shower? Many people wait too long to clean those plumbing fixtures because they assume that they clean themselves during baths and dishwashing sessions. 

A professional cleaner knows better. They know that sinks can house bacteria (that will then get on the dishes that you thought were clean). The faucets and knobs are also covered in bacteria because you touch them so often. 

Full Floor Washing

You can trust a professional cleaner to get your floors as clean as possible.

Do you find yourself with allergy symptoms while you’re in your own home? Does your air smell musty no matter how well you clean? It might be due to your dirty rugs or carpets.

Rugs and carpets can house allergens, like dust. They can also hold onto dirt and pollen.

A good home cleaner will vacuum your carpets (more than once if necessary) until they’re fluffy, soft, and clean. You should be able to breathe easier afterward. 

If you have hardwood, laminate, or tile floors, your local cleaner will also sweep and mop them until they shine. Mopping is a hassle, so why not let someone else do it for you? 

Appliance Cleaning

While a professional cleaner won’t handle all of your appliance cleaning needs (more on that later), they will make sure that the surfaces of your appliances are spotless. 

They’ll clean the top of the refrigerator (when was the last time that you looked up there?), do a quick stove clean, and even clean your microwave. They’ll also get rid of stuck-on grime inside of your microwave if necessary. 

They’ll clean the exterior of your oven and your refrigerator doors. 

Dusting and Wiping 

Our deluxe clean includes wiping and disinfecting some of the surfaces that many homeowners forget about. 

Let’s talk about some of the most-touched surfaces in your home. Light switches and doorknobs are some of the dirtiest parts of your home, but they’re also things that many homeowners ignore when it’s time to clean.

What about some of the areas that are out of sight, out of mind?

Your fans and baseboards are essential for keeping you comfortable during the hot and cold months, but if you’re not cleaning them, they’re releasing dust into the air. Your professional house cleaner will make sure that they’re dust-free.

Your shelves might be covered in knick-knacks, but that doesn’t stop them from getting dusty. The cleaner will dust the shelves and the knick-knacks on top of them! 

You might have clean walls, but what about your trim? If it’s collecting dust, no problem. A deep cleaning session will take care of it. 

The cleaner will even vacuum and wipe down your furniture by hand.

What Isn’t Included? 

So what’s not included in the deluxe cleaning package?

In most cases, you’ll have to clean the interior of your appliances and cabinets on your own. Cleaning the fridge and oven before the cleaner arrives is a good idea.

Cleaners won’t declutter for you during a deep cleaning session, so make sure that your home is clutter-free enough for cleaners to navigate it. While they’ll dust and move some small trinkets, they don’t want to disturb your other belongings. 

Cleaners will empty and clean your trash cans, but they won’t empty your laundry bins or do your laundry. This is a common misconception! 

Overall, cleaners will do most of the work!

Do You Need Professional Cleaning Services? 

If it’s time for a full deep clean, it might also be time to consider professional cleaning services. For a low cost, you can have a spotless home. You deserve to relax while someone else cleans for you!

At Kathleen’s Cleaning Service, we want to make your home spotless. Contact us or request a quote today!