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Vacation Rental Cleaning: What is it? When to use it?

Cleaning Services For Vacation Rentals
Millions of travellers seek out well-maintained and clean rentals each year. They often prefer the privacy and detailed cleanliness a vacation rental offers as opposed to other lodging options. This means an experienced professional cleaning service is an important part of the busy rental season. Getting the space “move-in clean” for each reservation coming in is best left to those who know it best.

How often should rentals be cleaned?

A vacation rental may host hundreds of visitors each year! Let’s face it, that can result in a lot of mess. Each visitor expects the space to not only look great when they arrive but also smell nice. A thorough professional cleaning in between each arrival will ensure guests are satisfied and enjoy their stay.
During their time in the rental, it’s important to notify guests of any expected routine cleaning that they need to tend to such as washing their dishes and properly disposing of daily trash. This will help keep things tidy in between the “move-out” cleanings.

What services will be provided by the cleaning techs?

Services provided by your professional cleaners will cover all rooms, including mopping and wiping down counters. Mirrors and appliances will be cleaned as well. A thorough dusting of surfaces and vacuuming of carpeted areas is included. Trash removal and cleaning waste containers are other important parts of a thorough cleaning. These services will keep the rental looking and smelling fresh.
While every space can benefit from regular cleanings and a deep clean, not every area is the same or has the same cleaning needs. A rental by the beach might have some different cleaning priorities than a condo in the city for instance. When our clients at Kathleen’s Cleaning Service have a priority list that they want special attention given to, we take that seriously. Every detail matters and every customer matters. We pride ourselves on details.

What about cleaning during the off-season?

Cleaning during the off-season is important but it is also the time to think about more deep cleaning tasks to get vacation rentals back in shape after a busy season of back-to-back reservations.
Items such as carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning might be on the list depending on the setup of the space. Fan blades and surfaces such as tile grout can accumulate lots of grime over a busy rental season. These are some areas a deep cleaning during the off-season will greatly benefit from to keep things in tip-top shape.

Why should you hire a cleaning service?

Professional cleaning technicians provide an efficient and thorough service. It’s their job to accommodate all clients and a quality cleaning service takes it seriously. Technicians come equipped with all of the products needed to get the job done right.
A professional cleaning tech knows how to target stubborn dirt as well as any odors. Effectively and safely getting the entire rental ready for each reservation will ensure your guests keep coming back year after year.
At Kathleen’s Cleaning Service, our experienced cleaning technicians give our clients the professional, detailed work they deserve to resolve all their cleaning needs.
Our two locations and our professional staff are ready to help you today to keep those rental customers happy and coming back each year. Contact us at our Pinellas County Florida office at (727) 377-5522 or our Richmond Virginia office at (804) 729-7401. Kathleen’s Cleaning Service focuses on eco-friendly products, ensuring safe, reliable results every time.