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Top 7 Spring Cleaning Tips

A recent study of 2000 Americans found that the average person spends almost 24 hours a month cleaning. That’s almost a whole day, gone! It’s likely more when it comes to spring cleaning, as this is the time when everyone really wants to get their house in order. If you’re going to spend that much time cleaning, the job should at least be done well. You should know these helpful spring cleaning tips to do the most efficient job possible and get your home looking great for the new season!

1. Set Realistic Goals

If you decide that you’re going to deep clean the whole house in a single afternoon, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Even professional maid services might not be able to do that to a good standard in one day, so for the average person, it’s impossible.

Make sure the goals you’re setting are realistic. One of the best cleaning tips you should know is to keep your expectations realistic.

It’s fine to clean your house over the space of a week, tackling a room a day. Between the cleaning and the organizing, it can take you much longer than you initially expected and it’s better to be safe and make sure you have the time.

Otherwise, you can end up demotivated and disappointed.

2. Swap the Paper Towels for Microfiber Cloths

If you haven’t yet discovered the joy of using microfiber cloths with your house cleaners instead of paper towels, you haven’t lived.

Microfiber cloths do a much better job of trapping dust and dirt. They also leave a smoother finish on surfaces like glass, and they end up being cheaper than paper towels for big jobs since you can simply wash and re-use where paper towels are disposable.

Once you start using microfiber towels, you’ll never go back. Most professional cleaning services opt for them for a reason!

3. Use Dryer Sheets to Dust

Don’t have a professional dusting set? No problem.

One of the best lesser-known housekeeping tips is to use dryer sheets to dust. It may sound like one of the stranger cleaning tips and tricks, but their anti-static properties actually make them great at doing this.

Dryer sheets are cheap, effective, and now they’re multi-purpose!

Make sure you get into every corner and behind furniture for that seriously fresh feel. There’s nothing like getting rid of all the dust in your house — you’ll feel like you’re breathing better.

4. Vacuum Everything

Vacuuming is one of the most hated household chores, so people put it off a lot. Understandable!

However, if you really take the time to get in and vacuum absolutely everything, you’ll see the difference. This is especially true if you have pets, who have the amazing talent of leaving hair everywhere without us noticing!

Don’t just vacuum the floors. Vacuum the drapes, the sofa, and any soft furniture. It may feel like you’re there doing this for hours, but the rewards, in the end, will be great.

It’s good to do some maintenance vacuuming every now and again so there’s no build-up. Make sure you keep your hard work up to date.

5. Get the Worst Jobs Out of the Way First

This may sound like one of the simplest spring cleaning tips, but it’s important: getting the worst jobs out of the way first.

The fanciest cleaning hacks and tips won’t make a difference if you simply can’t motivate yourself to do anything. If you leave the difficult jobs to the end, then you’ll be constantly dreading them and you won’t want to get through the easier stuff first.

Get the hard jobs and the ones you hate most out of the way at the beginning. That way, when they’re out of the way, you’ll be more motivated to power through.

The hard or less enjoyable jobs are different for everyone, so this involves deciding what you truly hate the most. Everyone has their preferences and things they hate more!

6. Make It Fun

Cleaning may be one of many people’s least favorite activities, but that doesn’t mean you have to be miserable while doing it!

Put your favorite movie on in the background. Listen to a podcast on a subject you find fascinating or blast music from your favorite artist. Take frequent breaks to reward yourself, whether it’s to eat or just to relax.

Whatever you can do to make cleaning more fun, you should!

7. Hire a Professional

Whether you’re looking for one-off spring cleaning or recurring cleaning services, consider just hiring a professional if you truly hate doing it.

There are many benefits to hiring professional housekeeping services, including a job well done, not having to spend the time on it yourself, not having to buy cleaning equipment and supplies, and knowing you can just relax and take care of other things.

Good professionals will be able to customize their services to whatever you need. There’s no shame in hating cleaning so much that you simply don’t want to take on the monumental task of spring cleaning! Let someone else handle it.

These House Cleaning Tips Will Help This Spring

If you follow these house cleaning tips, your spring cleaning will be much easier. Use the appropriate tools, get the harder tasks out of the way, and make the task enjoyable.

If there’s no way to make cleaning fun for you, simply hire a professional to do the job instead!

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