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The Best Home Cleaning Tips You Should Know

Cleaning your home is a big project to take on alone. There are many different aspects of cleaning that must be addressed in each room of the house in order to clean it properly. There are several light house cleaning tasks that should be done daily/regularly, but then there are deep cleaning tasks that need to be completed every so often as well. 

Although it can become overwhelming, there are some ways to make your home shine without the added stress. How can you ensure you clean your home with ease? Follow the helpful tips listed in this guide below to get started!

Clean Top to Bottom

The first rule to keep in mind is to clean from top to bottom. If you don’t clean from top to bottom, then you’ll create more work for yourself. The goal here is to clean smarter, not harder. 

For example, let’s say you’re cleaning your bedroom. You dust the dresser and then turn to dust the ceiling fan. Dust from the fan falls down onto the dress. 

Now, you’re dusting the dresser again. Save yourself time and don’t make this simple mistake. Always clean from the top to bottom in each room, ending with sweeping/vacuuming/mopping the floors. 

Start at One End and Work Your Way to the Other

You can also create more work for yourself when you’re scrambling around the room trying to clean. For example, if you mop the floors starting from the front and end at the back of the room, you’ll then need to walk over the clean floors to find your way out. 

To prevent this from happening and to ensure you don’t miss a single corner, always start at one end of the room and work your way to the other (the side where the exit is). 

Invest in Microfiber Cloths

If you don’t already own a few microfiber cloths, then be sure to pick some up. Microfiber cloths will help you get a better clean versus using paper towels or sponges. Another great thing about these cloths is that they’re machine washable, so you can wash them and use them again. 

Microfiber cloths can also absorb more liquid for an easier clean and are quick-drying, so they hold fewer bacteria than their counterparts. Be sure to pick up a pack of these at the store and save yourself from using multiple paper towels and sponges. 

Fill a Cleaning Caddy With Supplies

A good way to make the cleaning go by faster is to fill a cleaning caddy with all your go-to cleaning products and supplies. Whenever you’re ready to clean the house, you can grab your caddy and start cleaning! It makes the process much simpler because it cuts out the need to find all of your different cleaning tools and supplies and carry them around with you.

You can keep your cleaning sprays, solutions, scrub brushes, microfiber cloths, and other cleaning items in the caddy.

Clean as You Go Through the Day

If you never stop to clean the house, then when you finally choose a day to do some cleaning, you’re going to have a lot of work ahead of you. To make things a bit easier on yourself, it’s beneficial to clean as you go through the day. Whenever you see a spill happen, stop and clean it up quickly (especially if it’s a spill on the carpet or any other type of fabric). 

When you’re done cooking dinner, place the dishes in the dishwasher or give them a good rinse. After taking a shower, rinse the shower walls down and place all of your bathing items back where they belong. If you keep up with small daily cleaning tasks, then you won’t have as much cleaning work to do on the deep cleaning days. 

Use the Right Cleaning Products For Various Surfaces

Don’t forget to have a collection of various cleaning products. Although some cleaning products work well on multiple surfaces, you need to take the time to be sure you’re using cleaning products that are safe for the surfaces you’re cleaning them with. Not all surfaces can be cleaned with a multi-purpose cleaner. 

Marble and wood, for example, might need special types of cleaning products to be able to get a good clean without damaging the surface. 

Assign Cleaning Tasks to Each Family Member

Cleaning an entire house on your own is a big project to take on. It could take you several days or weeks to clean the house from top to bottom when trying to tackle it alone. A great way to get the cleaning done faster is to start assigning cleaning tasks to each member of the family. 

You can even get the little ones involved by giving them simple cleaning tasks, such as emptying the bathroom trash cans into the larger ones or wiping down all of the glass and mirrors in the house. When everyone works together, the cleaning will get done faster.

Hire Professional House Cleaning Services

The last tip on our list is to hire professional house cleaning services. Keeping up with all of the cleaning tasks a house needs isn’t always realistic for some families. Life gets busy. 

You’re trying to balance work, home life, a social life, and so much more. Sometimes, finding time to clean is impossible. When you’re unable to clean your own home due to lack of time or any other reason, don’t hesitate to contact professional cleaning services. 

House cleaners can come into your home and clean it for you depending on your cleaning needs. This then gives you more time to focus on more important things in life. 

Don’t Have the Time to Clean?

Are you unable to clean your home or simply want to spend your free time on other things? Contact Kathleen’s Cleaning Service! We offer a variety of house cleaning options, including top-to-bottom cleaning, deluxe cleaning, maintenance cleaning, move-in and move-out cleaning services, and more. 

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