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Shedding Tips

Many of us have gained new coworkers over the past couple of weeks – our pets. While things have changed, one thing sure didn’t, and that’s their shedding. When it comes to our animals, cats and dogs alike, there’s one thing that usually has us all frustrated – the hair.  And then there’s the home itself. Little balls of dust tumbling around the corners and underneath furniture. So as you begin your Spring cleaning during this time, what can you do to limit the amount of fur and hold on to some of your sanity?

Pet Grooming

Not all cats and dogs shed, but of course, a good portion of them do. Before we talk about what you can do around the house, let’s talk about your pet’s routine and diet first. Brushing your pet daily will cut down on the amount of shedding they do. “Brushing your pet helps remove loose fur before it has a chance to rub off and stick to your furniture, carpet, car seat, and everywhere in between,” says Arden Moore. Make grooming (both brushing and bathing) a habitual part of your weekly to-do list. With dogs, brushing them as much as every other day can be needed depending on the breed. When brushing your cat or dog, be mindful of what brush to you. Different brushes have different effects on hair length. Cats with longhair require a wide-tooth comb, while longhaired dogs need rake brushes. If you’re unsure what kind of brush to use, inquire with your vet or groomer.

An animal’s diet and skin can affect the amount of shedding as well. Dogs who usually lack moisture in their diets are more likely to shed. If you’re noticing your animal’s skin is dry, or that they are shedding more than usual, consult with your vet on ways to improve any issues.

Dealing With The Dust Bunnies

The main chore to cope with the wild-frontier environment collecting on your floor is to dust and vacuum daily. Not keeping up with your pet’s grooming scheduling AND falling behind on picking up the fur will just add insult to injury. The vacuum you select is important too. According to vacuums with HEPA filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters) are ideal for keeping up with your shedding pet.

Lint rollers and even dryer sheets can be helpful in picking up hair in specific spots quickly. Dryer sheets act as a magnet for hair, and also smell great! These are quick fixes in case you’re touching up clothing or furniture but are not as effective as sweeping and vacuuming.

Another way to keep your home fresh is the use of an air purifier. While this does help with pet dander and other odors, it’s also beneficial for humans, especially when it comes to allergies. While air purifiers don’t pick up pet hair, they do improve the overall air quality in your home. And with the way Springtime is in Virginia, I think that’s something we all could appreciate.

While Kathleen’s Cleaning Service cant help you groom your pet, they can help you clean up after them! Reach out about scheduling a cleaning today and kick the dust bunnies to the curb (even if it’s only temporary)!