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Preparing For The Holidays

With gatherings being kept small and many choosing to have their holiday celebrations at home and not travel, planning for the holidays looks a little different this year. But just because your family isn’t visiting or you aren’t hosting lavish parties, doesn’t mean you can’t get your home spruced up as if you were! And if you’ve been working from home or juggling kids doing virtual learning, cleanliness might’ve fallen by the wayside a little bit. So let’s get you feeling fresh and festive!

Declutter & Organize

Moving piles of letters or clothing from room to room while you clean isn’t really cleaning. You’ll feel so much better going through the mail and paper that has collected itself throughout your kitchen or home. Take this time to organize anything else that may need it; your mudroom area, your laundry room, the kitchen, etc.


Take any and all towels, clothes, blankets, and bedding that need to be washed as you move from room to room. Clean linens are the final touches after all your hard work!


Start by cleaning any dirty dishes in the sink and running the dishwasher. Once you have that going, clean the surfaces and appliances from top to bottom. If your oven needs some TLC, use the self-cleaning setting or touch up any dirty areas by hand. While you’re on a roll in the kitchen, maybe take a peak in your fridge to see if there are any expired products you can pitch. This would be a good time to clean the shelves and drawers too, since we commonly forget about wiping down the fridge.


Just like the kitchen, you’ll want to work your way from top to bottom. Remove all items from the bathtub/shower and sink. Dust and wipe down each surface with an all-purpose cleaner. If your bathtub/shower or toilet has any buildup, use acid-based or toilet-specific cleaning products. Once you’ve finished the above steps, mop the floor, and move on to another task while it dries!

After you’ve completed your extensive cleaning, feel free to light some candles, or pour a glass of wine and enjoy all your hard work! Don’t have the time to tackle your holiday cleaning? No problem! Reach out to Kathleen’s Cleaning Service today to have our girls in green work their magic!