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How to Keep a Stress Free, Clean Home

Let’s clear the air about cleaning. 22.6% of Americans do some form of household cleaning on any given day. These Americans spend an average of one hour and 21 minutes on cleaning. 

No one says that cleaning is not important. But spending nearly an hour and a half every day on cleaning isn’t an effective use of time. You can be an effective cleaner once you know how to keep your house clean. 

What are some small things you can do every day to clean your house? What should you do when you want to deep clean? What products do you need for cleaning? 

Answer these questions and you can clear out the trash in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Declutter Your Home

Doing small household chores every day is easier than doing a lot of household chores during the weekends. One thing you can do every day is decluttering. You want to get rid of unnecessary items and put your necessary belongings in storage containers. 

Start with the items you have on the floor. You can put clothes in drawers and books on shelves.

If you find something that you do not need, think about whether or not you need it. If you don’t, you can give it away or throw it in the trash. 

You should declutter room by room. Take time decluttering your bedroom or bathroom, then move on to the next room. This will let you sort through your items deliberately.

When you have some spare time, you can look through closets and boxes. Move the objects you need into places where you can make better use of them. Everything else can go away.

When you have a clear floor and accessible walkways, you can perform deep cleaning better. On weekdays, focus on getting the floor clear and then spend time on weekends going through your closets.

Organize Your Belongings

Once you have found belongings you want to keep, you should find ways of organizing them. You should separate the things you need every day from the things you use once a week or during emergencies.

One simple way of organization is to develop a color system. You can buy green bins and place your daily belongings in them.

If you have items you use during the winter, you can place them in blue bins. You should start organizing for the winter well in advance, figuring out which clothes you need.

If you need more specificity, you can use labels. Don’t just write “WINTER STUFF” on a container. Write “CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS” or “DOWN JACKETS.”

Bins can be imposing or unsightly to look at. You can store your items in wicker baskets for a light aesthetic. 

Emergency tools like flashlights and first-aid kits should go in accessible locations. You can store a few tools in the attic or basement, but the kitchen or bathroom is an easier place to reach them.

Schedule Different Cleaning Sessions

It can be difficult to do all of your vacuuming or laundry at once. You shouldn’t overexert yourself, especially if you have other responsibilities to attend to. 

Take a look at your week and figure out how much time you have for cleaning. Then designate certain days and periods of time for cleaning tasks. You may have two hours on Tuesday when you can vacuum and one hour on Friday to do laundry. 

Commit to that task during that block of time. Don’t worry about anything else you have to do. 

Deep cleaning is not something you have to do every week. You can commit to it once a season if you have a big house or once a year if your home is small. 

As with your regular tasks, you want to plan your deep cleaning out in advance. Pick a date on which you can commit to your cleaning. 

It can be hard to do all of your laundry at once. You should schedule multiple sessions, sorting your clothes by fabric type.

There are some tasks that you may not be able to do. You should try to clean your home as much as possible, but you shouldn’t hurt yourself in the process.

If you need a professional, you should contact one and ask for support. You can also give a professional cleaning service a call and get some information about cleaning tips.

Keep a Variety of Cleaning Products

You should have many tools on hand to clean your house. A vacuum cleaner, a broom, and a few mops are essential. Wide or XL mops will let you clean a wide surface area with just a few passes, but small mops can help with cleaning underneath furniture.

If you have the money for it, you can buy a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners can sanitize floors and clean carpets with deep stains on them. 

You also need to get several different cleaners. Try to get non-toxic ones made with natural ingredients.

An all-around cleaner can help with tasks like removing stains off of surfaces. Yet you should get cleaners that are specific to your surfaces. If you have a wood table, you should use a wood cleaner for it because acid and steam can damage the wood.

Master How to Keep Your House Clean

You can figure out how to keep your house clean. Start by decluttering your house room by room. Do small tasks like removing items off the floor. 

Organize your belongings based on how much you need them. When it is time to do extensive cleaning, you should schedule sessions. 

You should have a bunch of cleaning products ready to use when you need them. Buy one all-purpose cleaner as well as cleaners that disinfect your specific surfaces. 

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