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How Often Should You Schedule a Professional Cleaning?

The average American parent spends about 23 hours and 36 minutes on cleaning and housework each month. As a result, nearly 70% of people say cleaning causes them to miss out on family time. You don’t have to sacrifice time with your family to keep your home squeaky clean! Instead, consider requesting house cleaning services this year.

With professional cleaning services, you can save time in your already busy schedule. Meanwhile, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home constantly looks its best.

You might need to schedule housekeeping services more than once a week, though, especially if you have kids. Not sure how often you need to schedule recurring cleaning services? Keep reading to learn more.

After reading this guide, you can set a recurring cleaning schedule with your needs in mind!

How Often Do You Clean?

About 61% of American families include two working parents. As a result, basic housekeeping tasks like cleaning often fall to the wayside. To determine how often you need house cleaning services, think about how often you already clean.

Take a look at the housekeeping chores on your to-do list. How long do you spend on each task?

Think about each room throughout your home, too. How often do you clean the:

About 34% of adults are concerned they aren’t cleaning enough. Another 31% are worried they’re not cleaning correctly, either.

Meanwhile, about 74% of people only perform light cleaning. Only 26% deep clean frequently.

If you’re not cleaning on a routine schedule, dust and dander can build up throughout your home. Recurring cleaning services can keep your family safe. You can remove germs, allergens, and dirt before it builds up.

If you’re neglecting these areas throughout your home, consider maid services more often. For example, you might want to consider house cleaning once a week. If that’s too often, consider twice a month instead.

In some cases, determining how often you need professional cleaning services takes trial and error.

For example, you might invite professional house cleaners over once a month. If you notice dust, dander, or messy areas within a week or two, call them again. Schedule house cleaning services more often instead.

How Clean Do You Want Your Home?

It’s not enough to consider how often you’re already cleaning. You’ll need to consider the level of cleanliness you want to achieve, too. If your home isn’t deep cleaned, you might feel embarrassed about inviting guests over.

Consider scheduling a residential deluxe cleaning the first time you call a professional cleaning company. Make a list of services you’re interested in, such as:

Determine which rooms tend to get messiest throughout the week, too. Where does your family spend the majority of their time? For example, perhaps you cook meals every day.

In that case, you might want to request maid services for the kitchen more often than other areas in your home.

Consider how thoroughly you clean your own home as well. Remember, many homeowners neglect to deep clean regularly. If you notice dust throughout your home, consider hiring house cleaning services more often.

A professional cleaning company won’t rush through the process. They’ll meet (and even exceed) your expected level of cleanliness. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry that certain areas were left unattended.

Instead, you can customize the maid services you want based on your distinct needs.

With cleaning services for your home, you’ll never have to worry before inviting guests over again.

What’s Your Budget?

Before scheduling recurring cleaning services, consider your budget as well.

Some homeowners can’t afford recurring cleaning services on a weekly basis. That’s okay. Consider starting on a monthly basis instead.

If you notice your home doesn’t remain as clean as you’d like, look for house cleaners that can arrive every two weeks.

If you schedule housekeeping services every week, only to find your home is still clean, extend the time between appointments. That way, you’re not wasting money and still keeping your home clean.

When considering your budget, you might want to think about the different housekeeping services you need as well. For example, you might not require cleaning in certain rooms every month. You could schedule a monthly deep cleaning, they spot cleaning as needed each week.

Take the time to talk to your housekeeping company. They can help you find a plan that suits your cleaning budget.

What Are Your Priorities?

Professional cleaning services can help keep your home dust-free and spotless. You can talk to a professional cleaning company to outline other priorities.

For example, perhaps a family member struggles with allergies. Talk to your cleaning company about the products they use. They might have all-natural cleaners available that can avoid triggering allergies.

Ask if they use HEPA vacuums, too. These vacuums are more effective at removing tiny particles of dust from carpets. Professional floor cleaning services can clear away dust and dander from your home.

Hiring a professional cleaning company will save you valuable time throughout your week. You can spend more time with your family instead.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to worry about the stress of finding time to clean. In fact, keeping your home clean can benefit your mental health.

Consider contacting a house cleaning company today to determine which schedule suits your needs and priorities.

Squeaky Clean: Schedule Your First House Cleaning Service Today

To recap, how often should you schedule house cleaning services? It depends on your priorities and concerns. If you want to keep your home spotless, consider maid services once a week.

If you want to schedule a routine deep cleaning, consider recurring cleaning services once a month instead. Either way, you can choose routine housekeeping services based on your distinct needs.

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