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Kathleen’s Cleaning Service- Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

No dust was seen,

Not even an ounce.

The kitchen was clean,

And the baseboards were spotless,

As the kids wind down,

Dad says, “We got this!”

Mom is ecstatic,

To see the bathroom shine,

She sinks into the bubbled tub,

With her big glass of wine.

Now everyone is asleep,

And a noise descends,

Could it be? Is it really?

Santa and his reindeer friends!

As he flew down the chimney,

He noticed the floor,

The sharp vacuum lines,

Warmed him to the core.

He knew who to thank,

He knew right away,

‘Twas Kathleen’s Cleaning Service

That saved the day!

Once he left the presents,

And fled the scene,

You could hear Santa say,

“Thank God for the girls in green!”