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Kathleen’s Cleaning Service strives to provide the best quality cleaning services offered in Chester, VA and nearby communities.

We strive for excellence in every facet of our services, from scheduling to follow-through. Our goal is to listen our clients, assess their needs, and seek feedback about the work so that we can consistently provide first-rate service. Open communication is the foundation of our business. It allows us to provide comprehensive, fully customized service to our clients.

Proudly serving Chester, VA and nearby areas including within the following zip codes: 23237, 23831 and 23834.

Why Choose Us for Your Chester Cleaning Needs


We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and guarantee that your home or office will be thoroughly clean. We don’t cut corners.


We use eco-friendly products to minimize the environmental impact to your home or office, and our color-coded microfiber towels ensure that there is no cross-contamination.


Our cleaning techs are thoroughly screened and vetted, then put through a rigorous training program personally designed by Kathleen.  Our Intensive training process ensures that your home will be cleaned by the most professional and highly skilled staff available in the industry.


We always strive for perfection, but occasionally we fall short.  If you are not fully satisfied for any reason, contact us within 24-hours and we will redo any area that does not meet your expectation.

What Our Clients Say!

It’s such a pleasure to work with Kathleen’s Cleaning Service. From my very first encounter, Kathleen responded immediately and is always extremely professional and reliable. She does a phenomenal, thorough cleaning every single time. She takes the extra time and care that is needed for A+ service. Very impressive! I highly recommend.

Michelle W.

I hired this cleaning service after using another well-known company for almost 2 years. Kathleen listened to my concerns with the other company during our initial meeting. The company was generous enough to fit me into their schedule the first week we met. After cleaning our home I was truly amazed at the quality she and her crew provided.

Annette F.

Kathleen and the individuals working for her have been fantastic. They are reliable, conscientious, give great attention to detail, and my house looks amazing when they are done. I highly recommend Kathleen’s Cleaning Service to anyone, and have recommended this service to a number of my personal friends.

Kelli H.

I would recommend Kathleen’s Cleaning Service to anyone. I have been very pleased with their service, cost and thoroughness in cleaning my home. I have found her service people to be kind, helpful and trustworthy.

Dottie S.

Was very pleased with Kathleen’s Cleaning Service. Kathleen has been prompt and reliable. I would recommend her business if you are looking for someone who is detailed, conscientious and provides quality services.

Carolyn P., Your Content Goes Here

Back in October, I had a hip replacement and both my husband and I knew we wouldn’t be able to keep up with cleaning the house. Kathleen and her crew did a fabulous job. The floors looked great and my shower was perfect. Her rates were affordable and all of the girls were very professional. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help with cleaning.

Sandy W.

I have been very pleased with the quality of work performed by Kathleen’s Cleaning Service. Not only are they very thorough in cleaning, they are careful and respectful of my home. And they make the bathrooms shine!

Judi C.

I look forward to the days that Kathleen’s Cleaning Service comes! Everything looks and smells wonderful after they clean. The staff is professional, polite, courteous and they always do a great job. Thank you Kathleen for having such high standards!

J. Puleo

We Prioritize Your Needs


We hold open communication to be of the utmost importance, working closely with our clients to accommodate all their needs.

Our Clients

We customize your clean to your specifications. If we do not exceed your expectations, call us within 24 hours of your cleaning, and we’ll clean any areas that did not meet your expectations.

Attention to Detail

We strive to provide the perfect clean. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained with a particular emphasis on attention to detail.

If you need it clean, call the girls in green!

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The Advantages of Hiring Professional Residential Cleaners

House Cleaning Services in Chester, VA

Change is usually a sign of change. It might seem weird at first, but making modifications to your daily routine might just be what you need. Kathleen’s Cleaning Service’s primary goal is to guide our clients to the best solution, even though most of them are often apprehensive when it comes to hiring a professional house cleaning company. If you have been on the fence, however, chances are you’ve seen some value in it.

Rather than spending your weekends cleaning your house, why not hire a professional cleaner and catch up with your loved ones or friends? Given how busy you likely are on weekdays, you certainly want a break when you have free time. This is what our services offer. We provide top-of-the-line cleaning services for busy homeowners or those who just aren’t able to do a thorough cleaning job.

If you want to learn more about how we can boost your wellbeing, read on. Here are the benefits of professional house cleaning services:

Alleviate Stress

Coming to a dirty house after a long day of hard work can be downright demotivating and stressful. We all like to unwind and relax with a good meal, drink, or a TV show. However, with an untidy home, you will only be stressed about its condition. With our services, you no longer have to worry about those dishes, dirty carpets, cabinets, etc. Most importantly, you will be at peace knowing that you’re going to a clean and well-organized home after a long day.

A clean home translates to good mental health.

Get Rid of Hidden Dirt

Every home has hidden dirt. Spaces like countertops, window seals, behind the fridge, and cooker are all spots that tend to accumulate dirt and grime over time. Without noticing the dirt and the right tools or products for the job, you might be looking at an extremely unhealthy environment. If you want the cleanest home, even in those unnoticed spots, then call us today.

Eliminate Allergies

A clean house ideally boosts your physical wellbeing. Exposure to dust, pollen, and other foreign particles can lead to allergic reactions to varying degrees, especially if you have respiratory issues. Dust and other particles tend to accumulate on surfaces over time and if you are usually busy, the build-up will ultimately make your home a less than appealing place to live in.

The Children Can Play Freely

It’s usually hard to allow youngsters to play freely around the house when you know you’re the one to clean after them, particularly when you have a hectic schedule. In fact, when you’re in charge of cleaning, nobody can touch anything after you are done cleaning the house. However, as well all know, this is not a healthy way to live, both for you and the children.

You and your loved ones should be able to enjoy the house, playing without the pressure of cleaning afterward. Yes, children can be messy, but with professional cleaners by your side, you can be certain that the mess will be dealt with properly.

Keep The Bathroom and Kitchen Sparkling Clean

Hiring professional cleaners ensures that even the dirtiest spots are clean. Kitchens and bathrooms are known to be a hotspot for bacteria and germs. That’s why most homeowners find cleaning these spots a nightmare, especially if they have a 9-5 work schedule.

You can get rid of this nightmare by hiring professional residential cleaners. Our team uses state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ensure your bathroom and kitchen are sparkling clean. These are spaces that need to be cleaned on a regular basis and our team is here to ensure that!

Hire Professional Residential Cleaners Today!

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to hiring professionals. We not only ensure you and your loved ones stay healthy, but we give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll come to a clean house after a long day at work. Embark on a journey to a clean and healthy home by getting in touch with us today!

If you need it clean, call the girls in green!

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