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The Complete Guide to Home Office Cleaning: Everything to Know

Working from home has shot up in popularity in the last few years. Pre-pandemic, only 5% of us would describe our office as home-based workers. Now, that figure is closer to 18% and rising. With working from home becoming the norm, keeping your workspace tidy and organized is essential to create a productive, comfortable atmosphere for […]

How Professional Cleaning Can Benefit Your Workplace

Office worker bee! You, too, can be productive in an environment that’s clean, free of distractions, and devoid of any embarrassing or unsightly messes! It’s not easy being a professional. You’ve got to put your all into your work, but it’s hard to focus when your surroundings are constantly cluttered and gross. Imagine walking into […]

5 Signs it’s Time to Call a Professional Cleaning Service

In 2020, it was reported that the global cleaning services market was estimated to be worth roughly $55,715 million. The global cleaning market is filled with lots of popular cleaning services, including office cleaning, but what are the top signs that you should get professional cleaning services to clean your office? From time to time almost every business needs […]