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An Easy Guide to Spring Cleaning

In case you’re not sure what day of the week it is, a few things are definitely still true: 

1.You should shower today.

2.It’s time for spring cleaning! 

With the government’s social distancing guidelines, many of us are spending more time in our homes than ever before. It’s time to stop ignoring the mess in the entryway or the expired bottle of dressing buried in the back of your fridge. In this month’s blog, we’ll share some tips on common areas that could use a cleaning. If you think you need to do a complete overhaul of the organization of your home, see our January blog for tips on how to get your ducks in a row!

Entry Way

One spot that won’t take long to clean, but will make a difference, is your doormats. Whether it’s on the outside or inside of your front door, these little squares are in charge of collecting all the dirt and grime that live on the bottom of your shoes and your pets’ paws day after day. Hose these off outside, and let them air dry. If you can’t hose them off, vacuuming will do! Simply flip the mat over so the underside is facing upwards, vacuum, then flip it over, vacuum again. Vacuuming the underside will push the dirt to the floor, making it easier to pick up whatever may be hiding in the mat.


Are there condiments or leftovers that you’ve been ignoring and now look questionable? It’s easy to throw something in your fridge and forget about it as it gets pushed further and further to the back with each grocery trip. While condiments do tend to have a long shelf life, you definitely don’t need three open bottles of ranch taking up space. Take everything out, and clean all the surfaces in your fridge with an all-purpose cleaner or just soap. After drying everything off, put back contents one by one, checking the expiration dates and getting rid of anything that’s old or not going to be eaten. Make sure to take the trash out once you’re finished to avoid a smelly kitchen! 

Another area that might have accumulated unwanted items is your junk drawer. Bills from last year, barely functional lighters, that one thing you looked everywhere for a week ago — this drawer has it all! Just like your fridge, take all the contents out. We’re all guilty of throwing clutter into drawers to clear counter space or to keep items frequently used like scissors, but it’s gotten a little out of control. Get rid of anything that’s not useful or just taking up space. Wipe it out, and if you can, put in a drawer organizer to keep your hard work intact! 

Used frequently but probably not cleaned very much are your reusable grocery bags. While these cut down on plastic or paper bag use, they can get beat up like anything else. Check the washing directions on the bag prior to turning them inside out and throwing them in the washer. This will help get rid of any bacteria left behind from your groceries.


While you’re in the washing mode, go ahead and tackle your bedding and furniture coverings. Pull the furniture away from the walls and clean the area between the two. If your couch or chair doesn’t have removable upholstery, take the upholstery tool on your vacuum and go over the cushions, both sides, and make sure to get the area underneath the cushions. If you can wash the coverings, make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before you throw them in the washer to avoid any damage. Vacuuming your cushions regularly, especially if you have pets, will keep your furniture smelling and looking fresh year-round!

Washing your bedding regularly is something everyone should do, but we don’t think about washing the bigger things like comforters and pillows. These can be thrown in the washer, but just like the other items in this post, check the manufacturer’s label before you do. While you’re washing those, take a look at your mattress. This is a task that should be on everyone’s spring cleaning list. Using the upholstery tool on your vacuum, go over both the top and sides. After that, clean with a damp cloth, dry, and sanitize with a disinfectant spray of your choice. If you want to go above and beyond, you can use a steam cleaner to eliminate creatures such as dust mites. 

Washers and dryers see the worst of the worst. We trust these units almost daily to clean and refresh every article of clothing we wear. After a while, your washing machine may develop an odor. Regardless of it you notice it or not, it’s good to disinfect your washer occasionally. Simply run the washer’s cleaning cycle with bleach or washing machine cleaner. As for your dryer, make sure to check and empty the lint filter with each use. Pull out the unit and go around it with your vacuum to get any extra dirt or lint.

Kids & Pets

In the spirit of starting fresh with the rest of the home, don’t forget about pet dishes in addition to kids’ plates and toys. Both toys and dishware can surprisingly be cleaned in your dishwasher on a quick cycle without the heated dry. As for stuffed animals, check the tag for washing instructions, put in a mesh bag or pillowcase, and throw in the washer.

If you want to keep your house tidy and fresh, especially after all your spring cleaning, reach out to the ladies in green! Kathleen’s Cleaning Service offers a variety of cleanings to best fit your home and schedule.