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An Easy Guide for Cleaning Your Bathroom

Did you know keeping a clean bedroom can improve sleep and even the quality of your relationships? 

If you want to improve your mental and physical health, you need to learn how to organize your bedroom. This guide will teach you the best tips to help make cleaning a bedroom easy. Keep reading to learn more. 

Make a Plan First 

If you want to learn how to clean a bedroom efficiently, you should start with creating a plan. This will help you clean faster and avoid distractions. 

In this initial stage, you’ll decide whether you want to hire maid services or do the cleaning yourself. Kathleen’s Cleaning Service offers some great residential packages, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your room. 

If you decide to clean your room yourself, make a list of tasks and how much time you want to devote to each. 

Gather Your Supplies 

The next item on the list of housekeeping tips is gathering the necessary supplies. You don’t want to waste time going down to the garage to look for a mop or vacuum cleaner in the middle of cleaning.

You’ll want to bring a basket with all the tools you’ll need. Key items you should have when cleaning your bedroom include; a box for clutter items, a broom or vacuum cleaner, a hamper for your clothes, a trash clean, and microfiber towels. 

Pick Up the Trash 

It’s best to start with simple tasks. This includes picking up trash throughout your room. 

Grab your trash bin and gather all paper waste and wrappers. Keeping a small wastebasket in your room is a great way to avoid getting trash on the floor and will keep your room organized. This will also help you keep your desk clear of unwanted trash. 

Keep small bags inside your wastebasket to make trash removal easier. 

Clear Clutter 

Other important bedroom cleaning tips that can help you stay organized include clearing clutter. You should try to clear clutter at the end of each day to avoid a buildup. 

Clutter is anything you don’t need or use. If you have too many knick-knacks on your desk, you should try to get rid of them. If you have shopping bags on the floor, you should put those items away and throw out the bags. 

Collect Your Dirty Clothes 

Did you know that dirty sheets and clothes can cause skin issues? This is why doing laundry is a vital part of house cleaning and keeping your bedroom organized. 

Pick up all your dirty clothes and put them in a laundry hamper. Fold and put away clean clothes as soon as you take them out of the dryer.

This is also the time to remove your sheets and throw them in the washer. If you want to avoid skin irritations, you should wash your sheets every two weeks. Put on fresh sheets when you’ve completed all your other bedroom cleaning.  

Organize Your Closet 

Organizing your closet is the next step in cleaning your bedroom. A messy closet can make it harder to start your day. 

The best way to tackle this difficult task is to take everything out. Once you know what you have in your closet, you can get rid of unwanted items. 

Start with your clothes. If you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in the last few months, you should put it in a box to donate. You should follow this process with your shoes as well. 

Wipe Down Surfaces 

Recurring cleaning is the best way to keep your bedroom dust and allergen-free. You should try to wipe down the surfaces in your room once a week. 

Use the microfiber towels in your supplies to wipe down your dresser, bed frame, and desk. You can use a duster to clean the fan blades and light fixtures in your room.

Make sure you’re also wiping down your curtains. Take this time to clear any spiderwebs from the corners of the ceiling. 

Mirrors and Windows Need Cleaning Too 

Use a window cleaner to wipe away smudges from your windows and mirrors. Make sure you’re wiping from top to bottom to clear off all the fingerprints these surfaces tend to collect. 

This will give you a better view and light when you want to draw the shades in your bedroom. 

Reorganize Your Dresser Items 

A great way to clean your bedroom and keep it organized is by practicing minimalism. This practice helps you get rid of what doesn’t serve you. 

Take some time to reorganize the items on your dresser and nightstand. You should only keep things out if you use them daily. 

Your earrings and watch should be placed on a jewelry dish on your dresser if you put these on every morning before work. Keep a book or journal on your nightstand if you like to read or write before bed. Remove other items from your nightstand.

Clean Your Floors 

The last task on your list should be to clean your bedroom floors. Vacuum your floor or carpet first. Remember to clean under your bed and dresser. 

Mop your floors using a floor cleaner that leaves your bedroom smelling fresh. After mopping, you can also light a candle to help create a clean and relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. 

The Best Tips for Cleaning a Bedroom 

You should follow the tips in this guide for cleaning a bedroom. Crafting a plan with a list of tasks will help you clean more efficiently. 

You should consider hiring professional cleaning services if you want superior cleaning. Request a quote from Kathleen’s Cleaning Service today and enjoy a clean bedroom without having to move a muscle!