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Air Purifying Plants for Your Home

Plants have always been an excellent way to brighten up a room, but over the last year, having a few plants [or, let’s be real, A LOT] has become increasingly popular. Plants serve as cozy decor and fun ways to express your personality and provide better indoor air quality! If you’re ready to jump on the “Plant Mom/Dad” bandwagon, here are some ideal plants that’ll look good and serve a purpose!

Rubber Plants

If you’re a little more skilled with your plant skills, rubber plants are an excellent option for air-purifying. They enjoy the fresh air and bright, indirect light, and a little water when their soil is dry.

Peace Lily

Considered one of the best plants for filtering chemicals out of your air, peace lilies are low maintenance and look great on any shelf or corner of your home. However, just like with all plants, if you have pets or small children, make sure to check if a plant is toxic before bringing it home. In this case, peace lilies are harmful to both pets and humans if consumed. While it’s easy to put somewhere out of reach of small children, pets tend to get places where we don’t want them quickly. Peace lilies are highly discouraged if you have any cats or dogs.

Golden Pothos

These leafy plants are known for their abilities to purify carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde from your air. Not only are they lush additions to a home, but they’re also fast-growing and easy to maintain! Pothos are considered great plants for beginners and plant enthusiasts alike.

Snake Plant

The ideal plant for anyone. Even the relative who can’t keep anything alive. This trendy plant is characterized by its long, thick leaves that stick straight up. Not only are they low-maintenance, but they purify the air! Snake plants are also mildly toxic to humans and pets if ingested.

Bamboo Palm

Not related to actual bamboo, these low-maintenance plants bring a lot to the table! If you have some room, these plants make great floor pieces, in addition to filtering benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde out of your air.

Scarlet Star Bromeliad

The State University of New York Oswego found that bromeliads can remove up to 80% of VOCs from the air in only 12 hours. That’s wild! These plants would do best in your bathroom since they thrive in humid environments.

Adding plants to your home is easy, but be sure to always read up on the plants you’re bringing home. Usually, the tag or a quick google search will tell you the amount of light and water the plant needs, in addition to its toxicity or lack thereof.

Is your air clean, but your kitchen isn’t? Plants can do a lot of things, but cleaning your house isn’t one of them. For all your cleaning needs, reach out to Kathleen’s Cleaning Service today to schedule your cleaning appointment.

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