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8 House Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners


Depending on your home furnishings and the type of pets you have there can be some real challenges to keeping things tidy. Between the shedding, dirty paws, and messes while eating, it is not uncommon for it to seem like a never-ending cleaning battle.

We compiled a list of tips and supplies to have on hand to help you get pet messes and odors under control and keep homes tidy.

1) Vacuum and mop often

When dirt is tracked in and accumulates on floors and carpets, it creates buildup. The longer you wait in between cleanings, the tougher it can be to remove the dirt. Vacuuming and mopping regularly to get all the hidden grime will help to avoid those layers of dirt.

If a pet is tracking in mud, consider a simple pet wash station on the front porch or in one of the entryway rooms. An easy option is to have a towel and moistened pet wipes available if you want to keep it basic but effective.

2) Keep your pets clean and groomed

When your pet is clean it will result in less dirt brought indoors. Routine brushing will help remove loose hair and dander before it falls onto your furniture and carpet. A well-groomed pet is less smelly and happier, plus as more pet hair ends up on the brush, the less there is elsewhere.

3) Keep rooms organized

Keeping harmful items out of reach so pets don’t get into them is vital for their safety. Some house plants, for example, can be dangerous if ingested. A plant stand or a room where plants can be kept out of reach will help reduce the mess and damage to your favorite plants while keeping pets safe.

Clean up food items including chip bags and containers as these can result in fatal accidents such as suffocation if pets get their faces stuck. Some human foods and household medicines are hazardous to pets. Keep medicine bottles and food items in areas that are not accessible. Have a designated trash bin with a secure fitting lid for all waste disposal. Not only will this avoid messy cleanup from a pet getting into the trash but also avoids harmful exposure to items you’ve thrown away.

4) Invest in furniture covers and indoor/outdoor rugs

Anytime a couch or other furnishings are subjected to pets laying on them, they are also exposed to pet hair and dirt accumulating. The best way to avoid the excess wear and tear and odors on your furniture and floors is to protect them.

Slipcovers are a great option to consider. They are fit to size so they stay snug on couches and chairs and are machine washable. To protect floors from scratches while providing a good place for sound to absorb when pets are walking around or playing, washable rugs are an ideal choice.

5) Clean up pet messes immediately

Pet messes can leave long-lasting odors and even permanent stains depending on the type of accident and the surface material. The key to keeping these messes from becoming a stain or odor that lingers is to clean them up quickly.

Keep cleaning supplies on hand that are appropriate for the surface you’re tackling. Be prepared to quickly remove any moisture to prevent any lingering odors.

6) A deep cleaning

Dirt and pet dander sometimes require more than just a routine mopping and vacuuming. Messes can be hidden and you may not discover it until it’s been sitting awhile. In these cases, a deep cleaning is recommended. Removing dirt and germs beyond what you see on the surface helps to control odors.

7) A designated area with proper food and water bowls

This may seem like a factor that doesn’t make an impact on messes but it does. When using food and water bowls that are the right size for pets you’ll see a difference in the amount of mess left behind.

Consider a bowl with a non-skid bottom and food mats that are placed under the bowls to catch the excess. Clean these areas often and remove the bowls to wash them out daily. Stick with a designated floor area that isn’t carpeted to help with ease of cleaning.

8) Hire a professional house cleaning service

Let’s face it, no matter how much or how often cleaning is done, it can seem overwhelming, especially with busy schedules. A professional cleaning service lessens the burden of keeping things tidy and helps you maintain functionality and organization in your home.

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