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7 Cleaning Habits for the New Year

The new year brings excitement at what the next 12 months will bring. It’s a time when we start new hobbies and form new habits. New year, new year, right? But of all the trends, what’s worth doing in the long run? Stop scrolling through those long lists of how to get your life in order and make small but positive changes to your daily schedule. We’ve compiled some of the simplest but most effective changes to make to your day to day routine that will keep your house in order and you happy!

Make The Bed Every Morning

Making the bed every morning is an easy but usually forgotten task. Whether you wake up late, the kids are rolling around in the sheets, or your dog decided that the bed was much better as a mountain of blankets, it’s easy to throw this chore out the window.

Do One Load of Laundry Per Day

While this task would be too time-consuming if you didn’t have a washer and dryer in your home, there’s no excuse not to do it otherwise. Throw a load in between dinner and bed, or right when you finish working.

Clean As You Go

The last thing you want to do after cooking dinner and working all day are the dishes. And we get it! Dishes are the perfect chore to get help with if you have other hands in the house. Whether it’s a partner, roommate, or child, sharing the workload will keep you from losing your mind while helping teach younger children responsibility! Cleaning as you go will make things much easier down the road and avoid those gross messes. You know, the ones you’re not sure how long have been sitting there? Yeah, those.

Do Small Cleanups Every Night Before Bed

Take the glasses you were using into the kitchen, put those toys away, fold that blanket, whatever area you were occupying, leave it in better condition. Are there three plates left from dinner still in the sink? Wash them quickly. Waking up and not seeing the previous night’s mess will start your morning on the right foot.

Everything Has It’s Place & Drop Zones

Having a designated area for your belongings and a drop zone for things like shoes, coats, and outerwear cuts down on clutter or at least contains it in one place [you can’t win them all right?]. It’s beneficial in the winter months when areas like these become crowded with puffy jackets and boots.

Make A Routine & Try to Stick To It

Even if you only make a few small changes, once you decide what works, stick with it! After a few weeks, you won’t even be thinking about it anymore; it’ll just be part of your day.

Treat Yourself

Did you keep up with your chores for a week or two? Did the kids do the dishes without asking? Did your dog not mess up your bed? Whatever it may be, celebrate the little victories! Good habits and proactive behavior deserves a reward, even if it’s you ordering in your favorite pizza place and watching a movie with a glass of wine. Whatever your idea of treating yourself is, go for it! There’s no better feeling than sitting down and relaxing in a clean home.

While we can’t keep your dog off your bed, we can give you an extra hand! Reach out today to schedule your cleaning appointment with the girls in green at Kathleen’s!

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