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5 Organizational Tips for Kitchen Countertops


When you’re busy in the kitchen preparing a meal, the additional stress of limited counter space can become overwhelming. Storing items elsewhere after use and wiping countertops down daily can help keep this area clean and prevent clutter, yet even with all your effort, kitchen countertops can benefit from a little extra organizational help.

This list will help get you pointed in the right direction so your kitchen workspace can be more functional and a lot less stressful.

1) Create more usable storage space

There are some useful storage items you can add to your kitchen to help get organized and clear off those cluttered counters.

Some ideas to consider include:

A hanging tier basket is a common item that has multiple uses. Anything from fruit or pastries to rolls and bread can fit in these handy storage baskets. It’s a stylish and efficient way to get the items off the kitchen counter.

A small island counter will give you a great deal of extra space. Some are portable and can be situated wherever you have floor space, and you always have the option to move it later on. Choose one that matches your kitchen decor and be sure to measure the space to ensure it fits.

2) Consider utilizing cabinets and pantry

Cabinets, drawers, and pantries are great spaces to store all that overflow stuff that can clutter up countertops. Keeping kitchen tools, cleaning items, and appropriate food items in the “hideaway” storage spaces will help immensely to lessen the clutter.

If you lack room in cabinets and don’t have a pantry there are options. You can add a portable shelving unit to just about any kitchen to help make up for minimal cabinet space.

3) Purge unnecessary kitchen items

It happens to us all, we end up with those extra appliances or perhaps old spice containers that accumulate on countertops. Set aside some time to sort through these containers, tossing out any that are empty or any expired items.

If spice containers have been there for more than six months consider purchasing a fresh replacement as spices can lose their flavor after a while once they are open.

4) Keep appliances elsewhere when not using

Whether it’s an air fryer, toaster or mixer, these appliances can take up a lot of counter space. After use, take some time to clean them and put them away to store in a cabinet.

Even if you don’t have time immediately after use, putting away items that take up counter space within a day or two will benefit your kitchen’s organizational needs.

5) Hire a professional to help clean and organize

You may have considered the option recently and wondered whether it’s time to hire a professional cleaning service. The benefits of letting a professional clean and organize your home are practically endless but a few include:

Sometimes a little help is needed to get things organized. Kathleen’s Cleaning Service has the experience and trusted technicians to get things done. We focus on eco-friendly products with customer service that is top-notch.

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