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5 House Cleaning Myths That You Should Know

Anyone with a social media page seems to have an opinion on what can make your home clean. Are they housekeeping experts, though, or just repeating more urban legends about what bleach, coffee grounds, and vinegar can do for you?

Most people wouldn’t say house cleaning is high on their list of fun things. Yet, if you’re going to do the work or hire someone to do it, then you want your house to be clean when it’s done. 

So, instead of jumping on the bandwagon of those social media cleaning suggestions, let’s look at some of the myths about getting your house clean. 

Read on to learn which myths are tricking you up and not getting your house the clean you want. 

1. Myth: Bleach Is a Good Cleaner

There’s a perception that bleach acts as a cleaner because it does have other superpowers. 

Yes. Bleach is good for removing stains. It can be used quite effectively for disinfecting too. It has some clever uses, too. It can kill weeds growing on your sidewalk. The bleach can help keep your fresh flowers from getting stinky. 

Guess what, though? Bleach is not suitable for cleaning away dirt and grime. If you have a dirty surface in your kitchen, floors, or bathroom, you must first remove the dirt. Then you can use bleach as a disinfectant on the surfaces after getting the dirt and grime out of the way.

2. Myth: Feather Dusters Are Good for Dusting

Many people would agree that right behind scrubbing floors, dusting is a task that they don’t like much. 

If you visit a big box store for cleaning supplies, you might find mops, brooms, sponges, and feather dusters. So, the assumption is that if you run a feather duster over your flat surfaces like dressers, picture frames, and even a lamp shade, it’s getting dusted. 

There are a few things wrong with this theory. Actually, the feather duster isn’t effective in picking up dust. It really just moves it around on the surface. 

The other issue is that if it does pick it up, you rub that same dust on other surfaces when you move on to them. 

Most experts would suggest instead using a microfiber cloth or even a damp rag for dusting. Both of these cases will work to pick up the dust from the surface instead of just moving it around. 

3. Myth: Vinegar Can Clean Anything 

Vinegar has recently taken on its 15 minutes of fame. Proponents believe it can clean nearly anything in your home. Use it on your salad, then start cleaning, too. 

While vinegar is suitable for many things, like bleach, it isn’t always the best choice for everything. 

White vinegar is alcohol that becomes fermented and then contains acetic acid. There are also many different potencies in white vinegar. 

Vinegar can be particularly effective for some uses in home cleaning. The acetic acid effectively breaks down lime deposits in toilets, coffee makers, and inside the dishwasher. 

Similar to bleach, it’s good for adding to your vase of fresh-cut flowers or killing weeds on your sidewalk when used at full strength. Others like a dose of vinegar in the laundry that isn’t smelling great. 

4. Myth: Your Washing Machine Will Clean Itself When It Cleans Your Clothes

Speaking of laundry, your washing machine gets a regular workout with a busy family if you’re like most people. 

The myth is that your washing machine will clean itself at the same time that it also works to get your clothes clean. The water is swishing around, and soap is present, so why is it not cleaning your washer?

Actually, washing machines are often wet and a breeding ground for bacteria. This is especially true of a front-loader machine that can collect dirt, grime, and slime under the rubber seal. It can also collect all the dirt and grime it takes from your clothes. 

Be sure to give your washing machine plenty of opportunities to dry and wipe it regularly. 

5. Myth: Vacuum, Then Dust

This one is frequently debated, dust or vacuum first. Some old-school cleaners might stick to the vacuum method first, then dust. 

This is likely mostly because older model vacuum cleaners used to shake up a lot of dust when they were running. 

Modern vacuums are much better at containing the dirt and dust they suck up. This means it’s better to dust than vacuum, so your vacuuming is grabbing any of the dust that flies while you run the vacuum.

Consider Professional Cleaning Services to Keep Your Home Sparkling

When you opt to hire someone for recurring cleaning, you’re getting house cleaners who specialize in ways to make your home actually clean. 

They skip the myths for a magic clean and do the work to ensure it’s clean. After all, paying someone to clean your home should get a job well done. 

A professional house cleaner has the tools and experience to get your home clean. It reduces stress and gives you more time to do what your family needs instead of spending weekends cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen floor. 

Avoid These House Cleaning Myths in Your Home

You don’t want to go through the motions of house cleaning only to find you aren’t actually getting the clean you desire. Many opt to hire a professional who won’t leave their home until it’s spotless. 

If you’re in the market for a cleaning service, we can help. Contact us to learn more about how our professional team of cleaners can help keep your house clean.