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10 Housekeeping Skills Your Service Maids Should Possess

Housekeeping is more than just dusting and sweeping. If you own a janitorial service, then your maintenance employees have to have specific skills to be proficient in their positions. When you hire new maids, you need to make sure that their skills are top of the line.

This is a reflection on your business, after all. Those who are looking to hire your company want to know that the housekeeping skills they’re getting are top-notch.

If you’re having trouble hiring for your maid service, let us help you identify the skills those new hires should possess. Below is a list of skills that your new hires should be on top of to benefit your business and fulfill what your clients expect.

1. Knowledge of Chemicals

Being able to decipher and explain the chemicals being used is a key point in hiring a new worker for your business. You need to be sure that they’re going to use the right products on the right surfaces. Too often it is far too easy to damage a client’s furniture by using the wrong cleaning products.

Make sure that your new hire knows what they’re doing prior to offering them the position.

2. A Good Track Record

One big complaint most companies encounter with their workers is that things are not being maintained. Bathrooms constantly have mirrors with streaks or missing toilet paper, or the spot behind the television wasn’t dusted. These small problems can add up and tarnish your company’s reputation.

Your new hire needs to be able to stay on top of tasks and represent your business well.

3. Easily Adaptable

Not all equipment for cleaning works the same. Your maintenance employee should be able to quickly learn how to use different pieces of equipment. Your hire should be able to keep up with directions and switch between what’s available for use.

In order to provide your clients with the best service, have all of your hires go over how to work different equipment. This training may come in handy as their positions continue.

4. Clear Attention to Detail

One of the most important things about a janitorial service is that they know how to pay attention to even the smallest of details. It is an important key to running any business, but especially when it comes to cleaning. Your company is being hired to do a careful job and make sure that everything is handled.

Be sure that your workers all know how to keep a keen eye on details.

5. Can Communicate Articulately

Anyone who works for your company should be able to adequately speak with your clients. Make sure that everyone who works for your company not only knows how to speak with other workers but also with those with whom they are working as well.

Clear communication is the best thing your company can offer your clients. This will put in the notion that all needs will be met and understood.

6. Bilingual Means Multifaceted

Knowing numerous languages can be a huge asset to your workers. With so many different languages spoken within the States, you want to know that your workers can communicate with different individuals. Hiring bilingual workers can provide your company with new assets.

Those workers who speak more than one language will provide to be just the advancement your company needs when it comes to assisting others with their cleaning needs.

7. A Friendly Attitude

Working with other friendly individuals makes your workers and clients have better days. Keep your maid service friendly and on top of things by making sure that those who you hire have the disposition to work with others. Assess the attitude along with the behavior you’re looking for with new hires.

One of the things that reflect badly on a company is when their workers have negative attitudes. Be sure to always try and choose those who have a friendly and upbeat demeanor.

8. Tolerance for Fast-Paced Environments

While cleaning and maintaining may seem like a simple job, it is not. Your workers should be able to move swiftly, even if the conditions require them to get a job done fast. Make sure that anyone you hire is ready to work and put in the time and effort.

Hire only those who can get their jobs done quickly with a good amount of effort, even when things might seem stressful and complicated.

9. Work With a Team

Being part of a maid’s service is not a solo job. When the jobs are large, it can be a group effort to get everything in a home or office building ready and clean. Choose individuals for your team who know what they’re doing when working with others.

You don’t want to cause more problems by hiring workers who won’t play nice with team members. This will set a bad precedent when it comes to your whole business.

10. Reliability Is a Must

Finally, your team needs someone that they can trust to do their own share of the work. You need to offer a cleaning service that has all of its workers on the same page.

When hiring, be sure that you can count on the individual to do the job you’re looking for.

Be Sure Your Workers Have Housekeeping Skills

When your company is hired, you want to be able to send out any of your housekeeping employees to be able to do the job correctly. When hiring new members of your crew, be sure to vet them for the skills you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to be an asset to the team, let’s talk about the skills you possess. Get in touch with us and tell us a little more about yourself and how you’ll contribute your own skills to our business today.