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10 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Home

Did you know decluttering can reduce your anxiety and can also help you become more physically active? 

If you want to have a cleaner and healthier home, you’ll need to learn how to get rid of clutter in the most efficient way.

This guide will offer some tips to help you achieve your decluttering goals. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

1. Create a Checklist

There are many benefits to using a checklist for home cleaning. When you create a checklist before a decluttering session, you’re able to delegate tasks and create a faster routine to achieve a neat and tidy home.  

Your decluttering checklist should separate your home into different sections. Assign each task on your list a specific amount of time. This will help you finish faster. 

2. Separate Items Into Piles 

Getting rid of clutter is easier when you separate items in your home into different piles. For this method, you’ll need three different boxes for each section of your home. 

You’ll need to place useful items in one pile, trash in another, and donations in a third box. As you look at each item, you’ll know which pile it belongs to.

You should keep things you use daily and throw out items that are broken or worn down. Items that are in good condition but unused can be donated. 

3. Walk Around Your Home With a Trash Bag

Another easy way to clear a cluttered house is by walking around it with an empty trash bag. If you’ve gotten rid of a lot of things but still feel like your home is cluttered, this method can help. 

This method works best if you don’t give things much thought. You should get rid of items like old towels, clothes that don’t fit, and ripped-up dog toys.  

Doing this every few months can help you keep a clutter-free home. 

4. Work Slowly 

If you’re having trouble organizing your cluttered home, you should consider slowing down your pace. While you might dread taking weeks to organize your home, this might help you in the long run. 

Trying to do too much at once can cause frustration and make decluttering more difficult. An easy way to start is by decluttering five minutes a day. 

You can build upon this schedule and eventually take up to a day a week to organize. Before you know it, you’ll have a clean and organized home. 

5. Clear Your Flat Surfaces 

An important part of house cleaning includes clearing flat surfaces. It’s easy to collect items on top of shelves, dressers, and kitchen counters. 

You’ll need to take some time to clear off all the items on these surfaces. You should wipe off all dust before putting any items back on your counters. 

You can create more space in your drawers by reorganizing the items inside them. Keep frequently used appliances on your kitchen counters and store the rest. 

6. Group Similar Items Together 

The best house cleaners will tell you to declutter your home by grouping similar items together. When you place items in your home in groups, they’ll be easier to find when you need them. 

Keep all your writing supplies in one drawer near your desk. Keep a decorative plate near your front door to place your mail and keys. This will prevent you from wasting time looking for your keys before you have to leave each morning.

7. Ask For Help 

Housekeeping is hard work, and while this work tends to fall on one person in the household, it shouldn’t have to. If you’re struggling to do all the necessary decluttering on your own, you should ask your family to spend some time helping you. 

Asking for help can make you more productive and help you finish the tasks at hand faster. Other family members can also make it easier to get rid of unnecessary items. 

They might give you good reasons to get rid of items you might not have thought of yourself. 

8. Use Storage Bins

Certain household items aren’t used year-round but are still important to keep. Finding the best way to store seasonal items will help keep your home decluttered. 

Use storage bins to put away seasonal decor in your garage or shed. Winter coats can be placed in storage bins under your bed.

If you have children, you should keep a few storage baskets around to keep their toys organized and out of sight.  

9. Organize Important Documents

Paper clutter is a problem every household has to deal with. Create a good organization system to cut back on this kind of clutter. 

It’s important to go through your mail each day you get some. Throw out newspapers and unwanted credit card offers as soon as you get them. 

Keep a filing cabinet in your home for important financial, insurance, and medical documents. 

10. Get Professional Help if You Need It 

The best way to declutter your home is by hiring professional cleaning services. Only a trained team can get rid of unwanted clutter and leave your home sparkling in no time. 

Kathleen’s Cleaning Service offers all kinds of cleaning services, whether you just want help decluttering a few rooms or need a deep cleaning of your home. 

Learn How to Get Rid of Clutter With These Tips

You can learn how to get rid of clutter in your home by following the tips in this guide. It’s important to start with a checklist. You can also leave the cleaning to the professionals by hiring maid services. 

If you need help with a cluttered home, Kathleen’s Cleaning Service can help. Contact us at our Virginia or Florida locations to schedule a service today.